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First Test! Tesla Software Update 2020.28.6 Model 3 Autopilot Test

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Autopilot Test Drive on Tesla Software Update 2020.28.6 in our Performance Model 3 on Sydney Roads. Tesla Referral Link http://ts.la/thomas7208 Free 1500km Supercharging Credit #roadsterdownunder

Ludicrous Feed is a YouTube Channel about The benefits of Tesla Electric Vehicle Ownership and Renewable Energy Household Products from an Australian Perspective. Our family owns a Model S and Model 3 which we drive daily while our Tesla PowerWall2 Battery and Solar Panels help reduce our reliance on Grid Electricity. This Channel aims to encourage others to look at an electric vehicle for their next purchase as well as investing in renewable energy technology such as Solar Panels and Battery for their home.

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– Electric Vehicles and Renewables Australian Podcast

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