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Giants Software walo ne mujhe kuch bheja hai!

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Aaj hum giants software ke farming simulator bronze button award ki unboxing karen ge!
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✅ Farming Simulator 19 (PC)
🔵 https://www.farming-simulator.com/buy-now.php?platform=pc&code=XGFO

✅ FS19 Platinum Expansion

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⚠For Viewers⚠
If I say thanks to viewers 1000 times it will be less than that what they deserve. I have spent a lot of time to play this game, and worked hard to bring this Gameplay to you. I have tried my best to make this video entertaining. If you still think that I need to do something better or if you have any complaint about this video/channel then Please contact me by sending an email. Thanks!

🎵About Music🎵
These are all music which is used in this video. Thanks to music creators who made these awesome tracks and let me and other creators to use these tracks. In case of any complaint/Suggestion or if any music creator changes his usage policy or he don’t like his music in this video please before any action contact with us! Thanks!

1️⃣ Music provided by Monstercat:

2️⃣ Music provided by Monstercat:

3️⃣ Music provided by Monstercat:





🔷My Setup🔷
🔵Android Pnone:
OnePlus 6t (8Gb/128GB)
Wireless Bluetooth Controller

🔵Windows 10 Pc:
Core i5 3rd Gen
16Gb Ram
500Gb Crucial SSD
GTX 1050ti Oc 4Gb GPU
Logitech G29 Steering wheel

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