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How to deal with REJECTION as a Software Engineer

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Rejection SUCKS. Getting rejected from a job, an internship, getting ghosted by a recruiter, being told NO on a project you really want to work on… It’s a natural part of a Software Engineering career and it’s what we do with this experience and how we decide to process it that helps get you to the next step in your career. Hope you find these tips to be helpful!

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Mayuko Inoue is a second generation Japanese American from San Diego, CA living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works as a Senior iOS Software Engineer at a large tech company in Silicon Valley, and has worked in the tech industry since 2012, at companies like Intuit and Patreon. She makes Youtube videos and online content about what it’s like to live as a Software Engineer living in Silicon Valley to help people find their way through the tech industry. She touches on topics such as programming and recent technologies, emotional vulnerability, diversity and inclusion, communication skills, and imposter syndrome.


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