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How Will Coronavirus Impact Software Developers in 2020

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Boom 💥 Things have changed just like that.

One day we are moving from work to the gym to a dinner out…

The next? We’re all at home preparing for the Apocalypse, or Winter, or whatever.

Jokes aside, the effects (other than the obvious 😷) of Coronavirus are reverberating around the world.

Just a few days ago my mom had a health scare.

Her heart rate was high.

She had to be rushed to the ER.

And my dad wasn’t allowed to go with her in the ambulance because of social distancing rules.

That really scared them both.

Even worse… there are people losing work, sending the economy into a recession.

But here’s little light at the end of the tunnel 

If you google “Work from Home” into Google Trends, we can see a HUGE spike in the number of searches.

Not just from the last couple of weeks, but an upward trend for YEARS now.

What does that mean for you?! 

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