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Inside the INSANE Day In the Life of a FANG Software Engineer (Working from Home)

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What’s a day in the life of a FANG software engineer when they work from home?
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Software engineers working at the big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, and Google have been ordered to work from home due to the current situation. We follow Stanley, a recent college graduate FANG software engineer through his day working from home.

Stanley wakes up each morning at around 6:00AM to catch the stock market open at 6:30AM. He trades stocks in his free time because he has a dream of making $1M and buying a house to start a family. Stanley’s work day starts at 9:00AM after a light breakfast. When working at home as a software engineer, you don’t have strict schedules but Stanley just follows his normal work schedule to keep sane. During the day, he’s coding or taking meetings. Today he had to publish a code review for his teammates to look over and revise. Software engineering is a constant process of iterating. You’re always trying to make it better and faster. Stanley ends his work from home day in the life at around 5:30PM. He eats dinner then either watches anime or hangs out with his girlfriend. As you would expect, most of the workday is spent programming and coding, but there are other unique aspects of the FANG software engineer life we are able to see in this video.


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