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Thomas McRocklin – New TriplePlay v1.5 Software with TriplePlay Connect

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Thomas McRocklin plugs directly into his computer and triggers sounds from the Synthmaster software using the TriplePlay Connect. Check it out at https://www.fishman.com/tripleplay/ and watch https://www.fishman.com/news/ for information about Thomas’ upcoming live events!

The Easiest MIDI Guitar Controller

TriplePlay Connect® is a revolutionary MIDI guitar pickup system that allows electric and acoustic guitars to connect to and control the vast universe of virtual instruments, synthesizers, and plugins, previously only accessible to keyboards. Simply mount the Connect onto your guitar, plug it into any device that accepts USB MIDI including Mac, PC, or mobile device, and in real-time your guitar performance will be converted into the very same industry-standard MIDI note messages used by keyboards controllers.

TriplePlay Connect features:
• Easy and non-invasive installation on most 6-string guitars
• The fastest, most accurate, and most responsive real-time guitar pitch-detection on the planet
• New hand-position technology eliminates ghost notes – flawless chords have never been easier!
• Works with Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, GarageBand®, Ableton Live®, and any other music software that accept class-compliant MIDI

For more information, please visit https://www.fishman.com/tripleplay/

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