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👩🏻‍💻 software engineering perks that no one tells you about!

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free lunch? how about free CONCERTS? a free CAR??

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faang software engineers get a lot of perks, but there’s a lot more behind the scenes that no one tells you about. this video is based on my experience working at different tech companies, listening to my friends’ experiences as software engineers, and doing research into different perks and benefits you can get as a software engineer. of course, it’s not all about the benefits, but these are some fun things that different companies offer since tech jobs are so in-demand!

let me know if i missed any benefits in the comments 🙂

0:00​ intro
0:32​ try coding bootcamps!
1:55​ well-known perks
2:48​ lesser-known perks
9:13​ conclusion

in addition to software engineering, my videos focus on lifestyle, ipad/technology, and computer science! let me know what you think down below and what you’d like to see next!


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