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Brother Monogramming and Lettering Software: Initial Stitch for $70!!

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Do you want good embroidery software that only does lettering and some popular styles of monogramming? Check out this new software from Brother called Initial Stitch.

I read the manual and played around with the software. The one that I am using is a demo, so i was not able to stitch anything out, But I can show you what this software can do!

Remember that this is NOT digitizing software – you don’t create your own objects, but you CAN bring in other designs and add lettering to it!! you can add regular lettering, curved circle lettering as well as monograms. You have quite a bit of lettering functionality – you have 25 beautiful fonts to pick from, as well as 5 Monogramming fonts – one of which is super popular. You can add frames to your monogram, you can add some built in designs to your monogram – you can change lettering size and shape on each letter individually, or make the whole design larger.

If you want to see a hoop – the 4×4 and 5×7 are available and you can save into many formats.

This software looks amazing and simple with a low learning curve – it does not have tons of tools that you don’t need for lettering – but it has everything you need to create beautiful lettering monogramming.

I did find the software on Amazon.com, and it was priced at only $70.00! I think it is worth it!!!

Happy Stitching!

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