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FuelTech Releases Version 4.5 Software Update for PowerFT Engine Management Systems!

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FuelTech continually evolves its product line to remain a leader in the engine management market and it has released Version 4.5 software update for its PowerFT ECUs. The free download is available on www.FuelTech.net.

The Version 4.5 Software incorporates a significant number of features for improved performance,
warning alerts, and control over your street car, road racer, or drag vehicle. At the top of the list is the ability to add in FuelTech’s new Input Expander. The new product—available separately—allows users to add 20 analog input channels and 4 VR sensors, which will take an FT450 from seven inputs to a robust 31 input channels while the FT600 capability expands to 44 channels. This upgrade has been hailed by street and race enthusiasts as a game-changer for controls and options with their PowerFT engine management systems.

Controlling engine functions are the hallmark of FuelTech ECUs; once again the team delivers
unparalleled options to address demands in the marketplace. First on the list is a second boost controller for independent regulation of a secondary valve. Users now have the option to turn Closed Loop control off during gearshifts and for the first time there is an Anti-Lag option for Rally cars, compete with separate map from the main calibration. The anti-lag controls offer street vehicles the ability to “pop and bang” with many options for activation. Another new feature is the capacity to program individual rev-limiters for each gearshift for protection in diverse applications.

Enthusiasts can access new electronic throttle control throttle body options. The first is an electric throttle actuator command that will limit the throttle blade for improved fuel mileage, like on a road racing vehicle, and can be released with the push of a button. The other electronic throttle control is deactivating it when the engine is off and the FuelTech ECU is powered up.

The FuelTech engineering team focused on several warnings and diagnostic tools with the Version 4.5 software upgrade and the most unique is a relative compression test between cylinders using battery voltage variation. Enthusiasts that utilize the start control button on the LCD screen can now employ safe start functions, like using a brake and clutch switch function along with a variety of other options. The compression diagnostic tool and start control button are only available for FT450, FT550, and FT600 units, not including the LITE versions.

Oil pressure is a critical engine function and FuelTech has integrated new alarm triggers to alert the driver and crew in a variety of ways. The new oil pressure alert system isn’t the only new alert features of the Version 4.5 software, either. FuelTech now offers alert options for EGT overheating, turbocharger over-speed, and crankcase pressure loss.

From the Version 4.5 with enhanced features giving more control and alerts for its users to breaking records around the world in multiple types of motorsports, that is why you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere

Download it for free at https://www.fueltech.net/blogs/articles/new-update-4-5

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