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He Left America To Become a Software Developer in Japan (Black in Japan) | MFiles

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In this episode of The Melanated Files (MFiles), we introduce Terrance Reynolds, a Software Developer, who has been living in Japan for five years. Terrance initially came to Japan as an English Teacher, but taught himself how to code and then transitioned to a full-time Software Developer position in Tokyo. Watch to hear his story.

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The Melanated Files or the MFiles is a Black Experience in Japan’s series that highlights black people from diverse countries across the globe. It focuses on sharing the story of the individual; who they are; what they do; what they are passionate about; and what their experience has been so far, as a black person living in a foreign land.

Melanated is a word that is regularly used in the black community. It means “full of melanin.” Files is in reference to the collection of stories of black people that will be shared in this series.

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