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How To Download NEST Desktop Trading Software, Zerodha & Upstox

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.Download NEST Trader

.After the file is downloaded on your system, use WinZip/WinRar to
extract the file that you have downloaded in the same folder.

.Double click on the file “NEST_Trader_Setup.EXE” that is inside the
extracted folder.

.Click on “Next” button.

.You will arrive at the Terms and Conditions page. Click on the
small checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

.Click on “Next” button.

.Enter your User Name and Company Name.

.Click on the “Next” Button.

.Choose the “Complete” option and then click on “Next” button.

.Click on “Install” button.

.Click on “Finish” button, once the installation is complete.

.A shortcut for NEST Trader is created on your desktop screen.


.Choose date and time: IST ((UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata,

.Mumbai, New Delhi).

.Right-click on the NEST launcher.

.Go to “Properties” option.

.Click on “Properties” button under Properties Tab.

.Click on the “Advanced” option under Shortcut Tab.

.Tick the “Run as Administrator” box.

.Click on the “OK” button.

.Double click on NEST Launcher.

.That’s it.

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