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OBS.Live – New Streaming Software by StreamElements

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StreamElements have announced their OBS Studio Extension: OBS.Live!
✅ Get OBS.Live: https://strms.net/obslivegc
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My Recommended Streaming PC Builds (updated November 2018)
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⏩ 0. Introduction 0:00
⏩ 1. What is StreamElements? 0:39
⏩ 2. What is OBS.Live? 1:53
⏩ 3. Downloading and Installation 3:28
⏩ 4. Exploring OBS.Live 4:35
⏩ 5. Re-arranging the layout 5:10
⏩ 6. Activity Feed 6:10
⏩ 7. Integrating OBS.Live with StreamElements 7:35
⏩ 8. Overlays 8:10
⏩ 9. StreamElements Chat Bot 11:20
⏩ 10. Tipping/Donations 13:20
⏩ 11. Outro 15:11

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