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Software Development or Competitive Coding? | Is FAANG Overhyped?

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In this video, I talk with @Kunal Kushwaha on a big confusion college students have: Software development or competitive coding? Should you pursue software development, building websites and apps or should you practice competitive coding problems, which path will get you more opportunities as a developer, what is the importance of learning data structures and algorithms and more in the part 2 of the interview with Kunal.

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0:00 Teaser
0:55 Introduction
1:29 Software Development or Competitive Coding
2:00 Learn Data Structures and Algorithms first of all
2:47 Opportunities in development are more when compared to competitive coding according to Kunal
3:55 Sponsored by Relevel
5:04 Amazon interview questions are comparatively easier than those of google, facebook
5:21 Google & Amazon have almost same pays according to what I have heard. 16L and 14.5L respectively
6:52 Competitive coding is not compulsory for cracking interviews
7:20 Software engineer salaries at faang
8:30 Gaurav Sen on competitive coding
8:45 Questionable tactics used by edtech startups to sell courses
9:43 Do competitive coding rankings matter?
10:50 Software development can be better in terms of opportunities
11:35 This is applicable for tier 2/3 college students
12:10 Google Software engineer salary
12:40 Crab mentality in India
13:20 LinkedIn content
14:08 What should college students do in first/second year of college?
15:45 How Kunal cleared his Google interview rounds
17:55 Kunal’s Google Referral
18:49 comment “I watched till the end”

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