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Tesla Software Update 2021.4.12. 2 The Full Test

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Tesla Software Update 2021.4.12. The Full Test
whilst this update is not what we were expecting never the less there has b een some under the hood improvements and 1 major Bug to give it a full test took it on the road trying 14 points that have usually put the car through its paces this time there some good things 1 major one is it went 3/4 the way around the round about on full self driving this was amazing to test this another good thing is they have adjusted the time the car detects you leaving your hand off to 22 seconds , bad thing i discovered as it took me off junction 5 of the m1 it cam up to fast tried to find road markings and would have hit the crash barrier this has never done this before that is
why you as the driver have responsibility to take over if the car gets into difficulty lane changes between fast cars is now smoother making it much safer. stopping at road junction bringing the car up to the line is far to short that needs more work in the uk .the Start button on auto park is no responsive you have to press it many times to action a command once executed it parks fine. there is a lot of lane painting before this car performs more safely in the uk

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