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Unity Software Stock Analysis. $U stock is a massive opportunity!

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Unity Software Stock Analysis. $U stock is a massive opportunity!

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Unity Software was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What Problem Did Unity Fix?

Unity allows video game developers to utilize Unity’s 2D and 3D platform to just start designing games right away rather than having to figure out how to build a game from absolutely nothing. If there’s no game engine to develop games on essentially the developer has to redevelop the wheel.

Which requires a vast store of knowledge and skills locked away in the heads of people that are pretty expensive to hire.

Each individual image/animation, computation, function, object, procedure and anything you could imagine regarding a video game, would have to be manually written or recreated through code.

Or in other words, Unity helps developers to add inputs, scripts, AI and much more without the need to hand write every line of code by providing a basic platform in which much of that game’s basic programming is available through a programming library or API. This saves enormous amounts of time and money for game developers who use the Unity platform.

Unity’s best known game on their video-game engine has to be Pokemon Go, which has netted more than $4.2b globally since the initial launch.

The most profitable game made on Unity is Kerbal Space Program, which I’ll be honest I did not know about until I started researching Unity software. The game was created in partnership with Take-Two Interactive, and the most recent article I could find stated they expected around $77.6b in revenue for 2020, up from $24b in 2019.

Other popular games on the Unity platform are Hearthstone, Fall Guys, Flappy Bird, and Temple Run.

While most games to date have been created for mobile, with Unity’s engine, you can make games for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

According to research done by the folks in my Patreon group, Unity has been “used to create over half of the top 1,000 mobile games on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Unity is already a major player in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for desktop, web, and consoles.

The Unity game-engine supports many mobile and desktop platforms, such as iOs, android, Microsoft/Azure, Linux, and many more.

So How Does Unity Make Money?

Unity’s largest source of revenue is through Unity Ads. Unity Ads is an ad monetization solution
for mobile games, which competes directly with Google Admob, or Google Ads for Mobile. Essentially, the more developers that Unity has, and the more Unity Ads that are shown in their games, means more revenue for Unity Technology and their developers due to higher volume of
ads shown to game users.

Why Could Unity Be Considered The “Best Game Engine”?

To start, it is already free to use and learn at no cost to you. However, this isn’t something that really distinguishes it from competitors, since Roblox is also initially a extra cost development platform.

Look let me preface this by saying I am not a game programmer but this is what the research provided to me by one person in my patreon group suggests. Unity offers the ability to build games or worlds for multiple platforms, whether it is your PC, Console, Phone, Tablet, or AR/VR Headset. It is mostly platform agnostic.

The Unity engine provides pre-set models, incredible graphics support, and 2d/3d animation renders with tutorials to learn from.

The Unity learning curve to start developing isn’t too steep, allowing for many individuals to try it out and master it quickly. The platform has around 60% of the total market share in AR/VR and 50% of the mobile game market share, along with more than 24 billion downloads of the engine in the last year.

Just How Large Is This Opportunity?

As ARK Invest has stated in their ARK Big Idea’s 2021 Report, they believe the monetization of
gaming will increase by 20% each year over the next five years.

They also believe that separate from the monetization of gaming the AR
market could scale from under $1b today to $130b in 2030.

So the answer is the opportunity is big, really big.

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