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US DoD needs great software | Palantir eng & special forces vet building what every squad needs

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Visit https://www.adyton.io/ to learn more about the transformative Military and Enterprise tech solutions Adyton is deploying for the US DoD and teams across the nation.

James Boyd is an early Palantir engineer who went on to serve as a Communications Sergeant in the 1st Special forces of the U.S. Army. After seeing the troubled solutions the military had in use, James created Adyton to link those systems, and the real world, to the digital world in a better way by order of magnitude for those who need it the most.

00:00 It’s time your job has good tech, too.

01:49 James Boyd’s Journey to Defense Tech

08:42 How Mustr makes daily Military tasks easier.

15:20 Mustr real-world impacts

22:52 Advice from James Boyd

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