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Vader U #1B – TRADING VIEW – Intro to Trading View, the Main Software for Technical Analysis Charts

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Vader U #1B – TRADING VIEW – Intro to Trading View, the Main Software for Technical Analysis Charts

This is the second of a long series of videos that are part of my Vader University platform available to my Discord group.

This video includes an intro to Trading View, the primary program used by analysts to perform technical analysis on cryptocurrency asset charts. I also explain, albeit briefly, how markets work, how pairings and exchanges work, and HOW TO AVOID HAVING CHARTS GET ERASED!!!!!!!!!

I serve as a mentor and teacher, and I teach everything I know, how I’ve become successful, everything I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it. We do the basics, like here, and very advance Technical Analysis and Trading Techniques. Everything in the spectrum, so nobody should feel to intimidated if they’re just starting out!

Form time to time, I’ll share some of these videos for the general public, since I really want to help people learn about this market, how it works, and how they can use it as a tool to plan for their financial future!

This won’t equip you to trade or be an analyst, but it will expose you to the very basics of what this platform does, and how we can use it. I encourage ALL STUDENTS to practice and study extensively before investing ONE PENNY of their capital!

If you’d like to learn more about my strategies and trading in general, I’d be honored to mentor you and teach you. I am not a professional trader and I’m not a financial advisor, so all I can do is share my knowledge and experience and help guide you in your learning. If you’d like to have my help, check out our group! Details available at www.toolfreecrypto.com

Only 2.5 admission requirements… No snowflakes who are easily offended, and NO TOM CRUISE! And NO TOOLS!

Brutally honest disclaimer: I don’t advise people to make trades, so don’t be a stupid idiot and blame me for losing money. If you think I’m a financial advisor and you’re hiring me to give you professional advice, your’re a dumb nipple dick. I can just share my own trades and my own experiences with you. The rest is on you, so take some responsibility! If you’re too lazy to learn how to manage your capital, and you lose money, you have nobody to blame but yourself, and nothing but your own stupidity!
So #TradeSmarterKnowBetter

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